Dolbens' Genealogy

The Dolben Family genealogy on this site contains information about people related to me. With the help of others, I'd be happy to extend the database through any ancestors for whom information is available.

I expect that relatives who are already in the database will contribute to extending it. Please contact me if you're a family member and would like to be a user, so that you can see more information about individuals in the database or can add information that you have.

Note that no data are shown to visitors who are not logged in for living (or presumed living) individuals.

Why Am I Doing This?

I've been frustrated by paper bits of family trees since my mother first tried to give me a picture of distant relatives by looking through the family bible at the kitchen table. In spite of good intentions, except for a few people with whom I have regular contact, I find it difficult to keep track of very many people beyond first cousins.

Not long after the death of my mother, a second cousin sent me a pedigree of my father's mother, going back ten generations in places.

After taking a look at available tools, I decided that webtrees (a fork of PhpGedView) would meet the needs of sharing information about the family tree in a convenient and comprehensible way.

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